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Dave Carson

Pastor, Hope Vancouver Secretary, Association of Christian Ministries Vancouver

Giulio Gabeli

President, Association of Christian Ministries Vancouver Senior Pastor, Westwood Community Church



One Accord is a document designed to unify like-minded leaders and churches to form a coalition from which a united stand can be mounted, where we agree to support one another in love, both with words and actions. While it is not intended to be a comprehensive doctrinal statement it is intended to be a statement of faith concerning the authority of scripture on gender identity and human sexuality.


The target of the Accord is first and foremost traditional, biblical based, evangelical leaders and churches.


To re-establish what it means to be an ‘Evangelical Christian’ in a day and age when long-held, traditional beliefs, convictions, and lifestyles are rapidly changing. 2) To establish a coalition of Pastors and leaders who stand and act together on these convictions.

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